Nicole Montez:  At the age of twenty-five, after learning of her newborn daughter’s diagnosis with a life-threatening, fatal disease called Cystic Fibrosis, Nicole Montez chose not to think about the limits of the situation, but the possibilities.  


Deciding that failure was not an option, Nicole broke records, creating what most only dream of: a thriving, multi-million dollar home business. She became a highly respected veteran of the network marketing industry, and through her elite programs she’s supported and guided professional women and gained the esteemed mentorship of some of the world’s finest leaders and experts.

In 2011 after losing her father to suicide she found herself in a familiar state of heartache. Again, she used that heartache to make a profound impact on other and founded The BFF Life as a way of living, which empowers women to live a brave, fearless and free life. Exactly as she lives every, equipping women with the power to embrace and own their personal life journeys with courage, faith and freedom.

As a sought-after transformational speaker and conversation connoisseur, and International Best Selling Author, Nicole has lived a story of courage and triumph that inspires live audiences nationwide. Her story will now be impacting millions more as it will be featured in her new book series, The Bff Series, with book 1; Raising Ali now available for purchase on Amazon.

Although her life and efforts have catapulted her to the top, her favorite place is home, as the mother of two amazing young ladies, Alexandra and Isabella, who closely follow in her footsteps as talented and driven young women. Nicole resides and thrives in Parker, CO, sharing the ultimate lifestyle with her incredible family.